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Sinpower Aluminum Profile Surface Treatment

For aluminum profiles surface treatment process :

1. Anodized aluminium : the color that can be achieved by anodized aluminium is indeed more limited, usually silver, imitation steel, bronze, titanium, K gold or black. Everyone usually sees that his color is processed by electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon and electrostatic powder coating, wood grain transfer and other processes.

2. Electrophoretic coating
On the basis of anodizing, a layer of water-soluble acrylic paint film is uniformly coated on the oxide film by electrophoresis to form an anodized film and an acrylic paint film composite film on the surface of the profile. The hand feels smooth and delicate, and the appearance is bright and bright. In addition to producing the original oxidized color, it can make more vivid colors such as white and green.

3. Powder Coating
A total of more than 200 color choices, giving designers a broad space, stable performance, strong adhesion of paint film, not easy to peel off, acid, salt spray, mortar resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and other excellent performance. The coating is non-volatile, non-oxidizing, non-polluting and toxic in the air, and has good environmental performance. The surface dirt has been completely washed after washing.

4. color fluorocarbon spraying
A polyvinylidene fluoride lacquer coating is sprayed on the surface of the aluminum alloy substrate by electrostatic action.

The fluorocarbon coating is a polyvinylidene fluoride. Therefore, it can have long-lasting color retention, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and anti-air pollution, and its fluorocarbon bond is one of the strongest molecular bonds superior to its molecular structure. Fluorocarbon coating is used as a high-grade surface coating process. More than 160 rich colors are available to provide architects and designers with endless design space. It has the advantage of uniform color and superior resistance to fading and staining.

5. Wood grain transfer

In addition, aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles are suitable for wire drawing

Wire drawing is irrelevant to surface oxidation. Wire drawing should be done before oxidation. In addition, oxidation is definitely not a natural oxidation method. The surface obtained by natural oxidation should be called quality defect, its oxide film and specially treated oxide film composition. The appearance is completely different.

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