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Australia is a large resource country in the world, rich in mineral resources, oil and natural gas, and there are at least 70 types of mineral resources alone. Among them, Australia's bauxite reserves rank aluminum profile first in the world, accounting for 35% of the world's total reserves.

Australian aluminum resources are mainly aluminum extrusion distributed in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Among them, Western Australia is the main producer of bauxite in Australia, accounting for 56.5% of the total bauxite output, followed by Queensland with 34.2%, and the Northern Territory with 9.3%.

Australia’s aluminum industry is currently mainly composed of 5 bauxite mines, 7 alumina smelters and 6 primary aluminum plants. Aluminium extruded profile products (bauxite, alumina and metallic aluminum) are Australia’s mineral exports, the third largest foreign exchange earning product after coal and iron ore, and one of the main contributors to Australia’s foreign exchange earnings. Among downstream aluminum processed products, 87% of alumina output is used for export (total output of 20 million tons), and 91% of electrolytic aluminum is used for export (total output of 1.6 million tons). Japan is the main destination of Australia's electrolytic aluminum exports, accounting for 29%, followed by South Korea, 27%; Taiwan, 10%; Thailand, 7%; Malaysia, 5%; Indonesia, 3%.

Entering the 21st century, Australia's aluminum industry has further developed. By 2018, its alumina output reached 2.03 billion tons. Australia maintains its status as the second largest alumina producer and global exporter, exporting 17 million tons in 2018. Alumina is Australia's fifth largest non-service export industry, with export revenue exceeding US$10 billion.

The comparative advantages and international competitiveness of Australia's aluminum industry

The world’s major aluminum resources are Guinea, Australia, Brazil, Jamaica, India, etc. Among them, Australia is the only country that maintains high reserves and high output, as well as downstream deep processing capabilities. Other countries with smelting and processing capabilities, such as China and Japan, are far from Australia in terms of bauxite reserves and production.

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