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Rio Tinto Donated 10 Million¥ to Henan Province

In recent days, many places in Henan Province have encountered extreme heavy rainfall, causing heavy casualties and property losses. The flood aluminum extrusion control situation is very severe.

After the disaster occurred, Rio Tinto expressed its concern and condolences to the partners who have operations in Henan Province and understood the impact of the disaster. In order to support the flood prevention and relief and post-disaster construction work in Henan Province, Rio Tinto will donate 10 million yuan through the China Red Cross Foundation for the restoration of schools and hospital facilities that have been greatly affected by the disaster in Henan Province, as well as to fund individuals or individuals caused by the disaster. Students whose families have financial difficulties.

Rio Tinto Donated 10 Million¥ to Henan Province

Rio Tinto Group CEO Jakob Stausholm said:

"The floods caused by the extreme weather are worrying. We are concerned about all people affected by the disaster. Extreme weather and climate change are common challenges faced by mankind. We are committed to long-term strategic cooperation with China, including joint efforts to tackle climate change. Change while providing full support to those in need."

Rio Tinto will continue to pay close attention to changes aluminum profile in the disaster situation and provide our partners with support within their capabilities.

To pay tribute to all the ordinary heroes fighting on the front line of flood prevention and disaster relief !

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Rio Tinto Group, Spanish "Rio Tinto". Rio Tinto Group was founded in Spain in 1873, the group is headquartered in the UK, and the Australian headquarter is in Melbourne.
In 1954, Rio Tinto sold most of its Spanish operations. From 1962 to 1997, he merged several influential mining companies around the world. In 2000, he acquired the Northern Mining Company of Australia and became a global leader in the exploration, mining and processing of mineral resources, known as the iron ore three. One of the giants.

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