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aluminium extrusion

Aluminum extrusions are made of aluminum billet with different cross-section shapes through hot melt and extruding process ...

Aluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum Heat Sink

20 years focus on aluminum extrusion manufacturing and fabrication with more than 25 aluminum extruder producing lines.

CNC Aluminium Parts

We strives to produce and manufacturing quality 6000 series extruded aluminum products with AA6063, AA6005, AA6061, AA6082 T5/T6 etc. for dear friends.

China Aluminum ManufacturerAs one professional Extruded Aluminium manufacturer, Sinpower China Aluminium focus on designing, producing, manufacturing with deep fabrication popular aluminium extrusion, aluminum profiles, aluminium tube , aluminum window profile, glass wall profiles, aluminum heat sinks, and photovoltaic solar mounting systems, one-stop solutions aluminum solar frame with the largest extruder as 3,600 tonnage. We produce more than 50,000 tons aluminum products annually... Read more>>

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