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As the leading and professional aluminium products manufacturer, Sinpower China Aluminium focus on designing, producing , manufacturing popular extruded aluminium products such as aluminium extrusion, aluminum profile, aluminium tube , decorative aluminum profiles (window , doors, curtain wall , rolling shutters), heat sinks, LED profiles, and photovoltaic solar mounting systems, CNC aluminium parts with the largest extruder as 3,600 tonnage. We produce more than 50,000 tons aluminum products annually. Our products have good sales not only in China but also in overseas markets such as America, Japan, West Europe , Southeast Asia and Australia . They are commonly applied in aluminium extrusion , wndow door,curtain walls, computer radiators, AD materials, outdoor handrails, bridge flex slots and mobile hard disks. We can also produce products according to clients’ pictures or models with quality guarantee.

Sinpower Aluminium  do not only have advance extruder lines (600tonnage, 800 tonnage, 1,650 tonnage, 2,500 tonnage, 3,600 tonnage, and Max 6,800 tonnage etc.) together with surface treatment lines : anodized, powder coating, sand blasting, wooden grain  etc, but also  precision deep machining equipments,   such as cutting,  drilling,  punch , and professional CNC machines (with 850mm, 1,200mm, 2,500mm , 4,500mm and Max 6500mm length).

Sinpower Aluminium:  yours sincere and powerful partner of Aluminium Extrusion profile.

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