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Curtain Wall Aluminium Profiles

Aluminum is a green material of choice. Aluminum’s inherent “green features” of recyclability and sustainability, coupled with its other unique attributes, make aluminum a versatile material for many applications, but the exciting story of aluminum doesn’t stop here. The ability to extrude aluminum into complex shapes (profile) gives designer creative freedom. Where the environment, time, cost and process repeatability are the important parameters, aluminum extrusions, roller shutter profile  offer a material and process choice that is literally second to none for countless product applications.

Aluminium Extrusion Process

The custom aluminum extrusion process involves the use of a hydraulic press to force heated (still solid, but malleable) aluminum alloy through a steel die. The resulting aluminum profile assumes the shape (in cross section) of the die opening.

SinPower Aluminium Extrusion Process Lines
Aluminium Extrusions Profiles can be treated with a wide range of finishes wherever additional protection or an enhanced appearance is desired.
1. Mechanical Finishes  are available in a variety of textures, produced by a variety of mechanical methods such as sanding, polishing, grinding, buffing, or blasting.
2. Pretreatment  refers to specific processes used to prepare the surface of the aluminum profile for subsequent finishing.
3. Chemical Finishes  include etching, which yields a frosted surface appearance, and bright-dipping, which produce very shiny, specular finish.
4. Anodizing  is an electro-chemical process that forms a durable, porous anodic oxide layer on the surface of aluminum
5. Liquid Coatings  include a broad range of paints such as polyesters, acrylics, siliconized polyesters, and fluoropolymers available in virtually unlimited array of colors.
6. Powder Coatings  provide a durable finish with little or no use of solvents; they are gaining use while volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are problematic.

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