01Apr 2017

2017 We Work Together

April 1, 2017

First of all, thanks to the new and old friends in the upcoming 2016 for SINPOWER ALUMINIUM and BANNWAY® support and help, with your help, my company in 2016 has made brilliant achievements The 2016 for our company, is frequently successful, to achieve the development of the year. Since the establishment of the company, we […]

01Apr 2017

Tomb Sweeping Festival (Ching Ming) custom is in the Tomb Sweeping Festival  before and after the memorial ancestors of the custom. Tomb Sweeping Festival (Ching Ming) is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. It is not only people pay homage to ancestors, remember the martyrs of the festival, but also the Chinese nation ancestors of […]

01Apr 2017

1.  Aluminum alloy rolling door rugged, beautiful appearance High strength, high toughness, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy double (single) layer curtain film, 6063t5 aluminum alloy material, anti-hit, anti-scratch, blocking the door outside the malicious invasion, security is more effective The Aluminum appearance using electrostatic powder coating process, weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-rain, corrosion resistance, service life in more […]

14Feb 2017

Norway’s Norsk Hydro reported that the alumina production in the Paragominas mine bauxite and Alunorte alumina plant in the fourth quarter of 2016 was all high. In the whole year of 2016, the annual production of aluminum profile Paragominas and Alunorte alumina plants reached 11.1 million tonnes and 6.3 million tonnes respectively. Compared with the […]

26Oct 2016

Crazy Aluminum Ingot Price

October 26, 2016

The aluminum ingot price increased highly, as it is crazy now.  Professional Aluminum Profile Manufacturer, Jiangyin SinPower Aluminium Co.,Ltd. Increase in the RMB depreciation in the case of a large area of commodity markets rose across the board, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Futures also followed the collective uplink. Europe and the United States data to the […]

06Oct 2016

Recently, due to internal and external factors (outside: LME inventory decline, the: China’s real estate market continued to be active) led to aluminum prices continue to rise. In a week or so, or more than 1,000 yuan / ton.   As the leading and professional aluminium profile manufacturer,  SinPower Aluminium focus on designing,  producing , manufacturing popular aluminium extrusion, […]

10May 2016

Which Factors Influence the Aluminum Price Aluminum profile price influenced by many reasons, such as aluminum ingot, manual / processing cost, tech development cost etc. 1. Supply quantity Aluminum takes up 28%—34% cost in aluminum production. The international aluminum market is highly concentrated, and most of alumina are sold through long-term contracts, thus there is little […]

13Apr 2016

Aluminium extrusion is a metal fabrication process used to create a wide variety of components and products, including aluminum alloy rails, casings, tubes, housings and blocks. The specifics of the process are highly dependant on the design of the eventual product, and the machines and additional operations involved will be determined by the necessities of […]

08Apr 2016

Aluminum Profile HS Code

April 8, 2016

Aluminum extrusion profile is a metal fabrication process used to create a wide variety of … and extruded, make aluminum one of the worlds most widely used metals. So more and more customers wish to import aluminium profiles from SinPower Aluminium China. HS Code of Aluminum Profile : 7604 : Aluminium bars, rods and profiles […]

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