1. Milling aluminum profile different size holes and grooves.

2. The causes of lose effectiveness of aluminum profile hot extrusion die made of the electro-smelted steel are analyzed.

3. We do not have a custom drawing, and do not require a special aluminum profile.

4. The porthole die is widely used in the industry of hollow aluminum profile.

5. The true black profile were difficultly obtained in black aluminum profile producing process.

6. Used for various aluminum profile slots and holes processing.

7. Study on Optimal Design of Hot Extrusion Die for Polygon Aluminum Profile

8. A method for the manufacture of an aluminum profile having a resin sheet material integrally laminated thereon and an apparatus to be used therefor are provided.

9. Air proof aluminum profile and aluminum board are combined firmly around to withstand rainwater penetration.
10. Multi-cavity structure, insulated glass and thermal break aluminum profile application, can prevent outdoor noise effectively.

11. Manufacture and design on core-inlaid extrusion die for aluminum profile

12. We mainly produce aluminum profile, aluminum extrusion, aluminum tube, window and door.

13. Aluminum Profile Extrusion Process Numerical Simulation Based on Finite Volume Method and the Software Developing

14. Study on Weathering Test Method of Powder Coated Aluminum Profile

15. Being made of astronautical aluminum profile, the aluminum alloy cover guardrail can lift and fall easily.

16. Waste Water Treatment Technology for Color Anodizing and Electrophoretic Coating Line of Aluminum Profile

17. Used for aluminum profile cutting.

18. It is an automatic machine specially designed to cut the corner connector of the aluminum profile.

19. Effects of Die Leg on Welding Ability of Longitudinal Welds During Porthole Die Extrusion of Aluminum Profile

20. Used for corner connector of aluminum profile and plastic profile cutting.

21. Research for Recycle Using Aluminum Profile Residue in Building Ceramics

22. 3D coupled thermo-mechanical analysis and optimal design of hot extrusion die for polygonal aluminum profile

23. Mathematical model of design and calculation of aluminum profile extrusion die land length

24. The development trend of aluminum profile and aluminum doors and windows whose characteristic is introduced is forcast.

25. Study on the Methods of 3D Molding of Polygon Aluminum Profile Hot Extrusion Die Based on ANSYS

26. Analysis is done thematically and practically on reasons and affecting tendency of forming dot-shape defect in the surface of the spray-painted aluminum profile. The measures for improvement are also provided.

27.Influence of exit velocity at the aluminum profile extrusion on the die land

28. Adopting the unique technologies of heating plate of aluminum profile and surface anode oxidation treatment, its radiating efficiency is3 times bigger than normal way of heat conducting.

29. Used for processing aluminum profile end, step face and end slot etc.

30. The process of manufacturing spray-painted aluminum profile of 6063 alloy is summarized.